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Meet the Staff of J & M Auto Sales

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Camila Stowers - Inventory Manager

765-481-9599 - camilastowers@gmail.com

Camila 21 years of age, she handles everything from phone calls to inventory and then some. Very personal, friendly and loves her job here at J&M Auto Sales. If you call in, she's probably the one that you'll talk with first, she looks forward to meeting everyone.

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Jerry A Stowers - VP Of Operations

317-370-6223 - styxx1018@yahoo.com

Over 28 years in the industry, Jerry has worked as New Car manager, Used Car Manager, F&I Manager in some of the largest New Car Dealerships in the States, and hold many records as a salesman with these dealerships, such as The Bob Rohrman Auto Group, Ray Skillman Group, Wiese Group, and others. Jerry runs his dealership just like the big boys, with "financing for all", that means guaranteed financing is possible with J&M Auto Sales, and the inventory has all been thru the "Service Shops" before you buy it, and a warranty is given with our pricing to you. You pay no extra for these services. Hurry in and see us today!

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Martha L Stowers - Owner

317-370-6090 - styxx1018@yahoo.com

Martha is a native of Colombia South American and of course speaks and understands the Spanish language very well. She has a Masters Degree in Marketing from one of the best Universities in Colombia. She graduated with honors. She is a very responsible and honest person and loves her job and position at J&M Auto Sales. She is here for the customers in every way.